29 março 2012

The Typography Challenge : done!!

Hoje acabei o meu projecto para o desafio do "The Typography Challenge"!!!
Confesso que estava a começar a ficar um pouco stressada pois a data limite de participação é já depois de amanhã.
Foi muito divertido fazer uma coisa completamente nova: pintar uma toalha de mesa e respectivos guardanapos com tinta de tecido. O meu projecto consiste em pintar a toalha com letras a fazer palavras relacionadas com comida. Chama-se "Sopa de letras" e é inspirada no jogo com o mesmo nome.

Espero que gostem :)

Today I finished my project to "The Typography Challenge"!!! I confess that I was starting to get a little stressed because the deadline is the day after tomorrow.
It was so much fun to make something completely new: paint a tablecloth and napkins with fabric ink. My project is to paint the towel with letters to make words related to food. It is called "Alphabet soup" and is inspired in the game with the same name.

Hope you like it :)


6 comentários:

  1. Paula!! turned out great!
    see? all your doubts about joining the challenge!!!

    xox, d.

  2. 'Alphabet Soup' is such a fun tablecloth!!! This will be a great talking point at the dinner table.

  3. Awesome! It's so fun and modern. I may be stealing this idea. ;-)

  4. Hello Paula!
    I am late again, but I love your tablecloth! And the name 'Alphabet Soup' is great!
    Thanks for your sweet message on my blog, I needed it:)
    Hope you will have a lovely Easter!

  5. Hi Paula! I love, love tipography everywhere! Nice, very nice

  6. Well, shame on me! I wrote tIpography! So, if you like visit my tYpography stuff and other DIY project


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